Visit of Mr. Avinash Rai Khanna, Vice-Chairman, Managing Body, IRCS-NHQ, New Delhi

Visit of Mr. Avinash Rai Khanna, Vice-Chairman, Managing Body, IRCS-NHQ, New Delhi

Mr. Avinash Rai Khanna, Vice-Chairman, Managing Body, IRCS-NHQ, New Delhi visited to Odisha on 17th April, 2017. Honorary Joint Secretary Maj. Dr. Kalpana Das, IRCS-OSB and Mr. Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, Project Coordinator, Maintenance Management Unit accompanied during the visit.

A formal meeting was organized at 11 a.m. at Red Cross Bhavan, Bhubaneswar with the participation 100 numbers of Youth Red Cross Volunteers and Cousellors. In the meeting Mr. Khanna disseminated the information about the Plan & Progress of IRCS-NHQ, New Delhi and some other state branches. During the meeting Maj. Dr. Kalpana Das briefed the functioning of IRCS-Odisha State Branch works.

All the participants introduced themselves and YRC counsellors deliberated few words regarding their association with Red Cross and how they work with Red Cross.

In his visit he advised to expand the activities of Red Cross to district as well as at block level and to take new initiatives for taking the First-Aid training to the persons who are working in Malls, Cinema Halls, Banks and private institutes etc. where there is a chance of misshapes.

He stressed on Swachha Bharat Abiyan and said how the volunteers of schools & colleges can involve in this movement by giving 2 hours in a week from their own schedule. He also advised to adopt minimum 7 villages for Swachha Bharat in district, sub-division and block level.

He recommended to take initiative to process with the private universities for introduce the courses of First-Aid and Disaster Management. Besides, he said to take initiative to make one disaster management team in each village and at different levels so that early warning can be disseminated before the disaster. He also said on the propagation of water conservation mechanism through our volunteers in the society by introducing the progrmme of Jal Dhan. He proposed another initiative can be done by making the Anti-ragging squad by YRC Units to stop the ragging at colleges or universities and for more life member registered at each districts of the State.

He wished for upcoming World Red Cross Day and informed to celebrate the day in such a manner that the massage of the day should reach to each corner of the state.

A Power Point Presentation was made by Mr. Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, PC-MMU. Maj. Dr. Kalpana Das, YRCO-cum-Joint Secretary, IRCS-OSB welcome the guests and members present in the occasion. Mr. Gopal Krushna Mishra, Member, Core Committee, YRC coordinated the programme.

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